What are the Grounds of Divorce in Singapore?

Introduction It’s easy to get confused over what constitutes a “ground” of divorce in Singapore. When you visit a divorce lawyer, or even when you speak with friends, you’ll often hear terms such as “unreasonable behaviour” and “adultery” being thrown around. These are not grounds of divorce in Singapore. In Singapore, there is only ONE…

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Expat Divorce: Divorce In Singapore For Foreigners

expat divorce singapore

Can a Foreigner Apply for Divorce in Singapore? Matrimonial Jurisdiction of the Singapore Courts In order for foreigners to file for divorce in Singapore, they will have to establish that the Singapore Courts have jurisdiction to hear the proceedings for divorce. According to Section 93 of the Women’s Charter, in order for a couple to…

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What Happens If My Spouse Initiates Divorce Proceedings In Another Country After I Initiate Divorce Proceedings In Singapore?

foreign divorce singapore

Introduction to Conflict of Laws in Divorce Proceedings Families and individuals move with more relative ease across borders today. Geographical movements in and out of various jurisdictions give rise to situations where more than one territorial law apply to cases with “international connections”. “Connecting factors” such as citizenship and places of marriage can form a…

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All You Need To Know About Discovery And Interrogatories During Divorce Proceedings In Singapore

discovery and interrogatories divorce singapore

Introduction Parties to the divorce proceedings are expected to make full and frank disclosure about their financial resources. The Court is able to draw an adverse inference against either party if he/ she is found to have failed to make full and frank disclosure of the matrimonial assets. This means that the party who is…

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Can I Make an Application for Custody, Care and Control of my Child in Singapore Even if I’m Not Married?

custody, care and control guardianship singapore

Introduction to Custody, Care and Control Custody grants you legal authority to make decisions on the major issues in your child’s life. Such major decisions are usually with regard to: Medical Issues: this includes decisions on whether the child is to be hospitalized or whether a non-emergency surgical procedure is to be performed on the…

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All You Need to Know About Syariah Divorce in Singapore

syariah divorce singapore

Introduction to Syariah Divorce Syariah Divorces or Muslim Divorces in Singapore are adjudicated by the Syariah Courts pursuant to the Administration of the Muslim Law Act. In the event of a Muslim divorce, any marriage in Singapore that was registered under the Registry of Muslim Marriages will have to go through Syariah Divorce Proceedings in…

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Can you ask for Interim Custody, Care and Control even prior to a Divorce in Singapore?

Interim custody care and control singapore

Introduction Ancillary issues in Singapore relating to the child, such as custody, care and control, and access orders are not necessarily always determined post-divorce. There may be situations in which these matters have to be determined prior to a divorce. In such events, the parent that wishes to get a court order for these matters…

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Can I Still get Divorced In Singapore if my Spouse has Gone Missing?

missing spouse divorce singapore

“Help! My wife has gone back to [Insert Country Here]. Can I still get divorced?” Sadly, this statement has become increasingly common in Singapore and while there are exceptions, it’s usually the wife who mysteriously disappears. There’s a good reason for this as well. Singaporean men are marrying women from Vietnam, Thailand and China after…

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What is the Mandatory Parenting Programme and Is it really Compulsory if I wish to get Divorced in Singapore?

Mandatory Parenting Programme Divorce Singapore

  Introduction The Mandatory Parenting Programme (“MPP”) is a two-hour counselling session conducted by counsellors from one of the Divorce Support Specialist Agencies (“DSSA”) in Singapore. It is compulsory for divorcing parents with children beneath the age of 21 (after 21 January 2018) to attend if they cannot come to an agreement on how the…

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What is a Deed of Separation in Singapore and Do you need One?

deed of separation singapore

  What exactly is a Deed of Separation? A Deed of Separation (sometimes called a Separation Deed) is a formal document that states the spouses’ wish to separate without formally filing for a divorce in Singapore. Clients frequently ask whether the Deed of Separation is absolutely necessary. This is never an easy question to answer…

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