Should You Hire a Private Investigator to Investigate Your Spouse for Adultery in Singapore?

private investigator adultery singapore

  If you are thinking about hiring a Private Investigator (“PI“) to investigate your spouse for adultery, you may also be contemplating getting a divorce. It should be noted that while adultery is a fact used in divorce proceedings in Singapore, it is not a ground of divorce. There is only one ground of divorce…

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The Legal Aid Regime for Divorce in Singapore

Legal Aid Divorce Singapore

  If you do not have enough money to hire a Singapore lawyer for divorce proceedings, you may want to consider approaching the Legal Aid Bureau (“LAB”) for legal aid. The LAB is a department of the Ministry of Law that focuses on providing legal aid and advice to persons of limited means in civil…

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Variation of Maintenance in Singapore  

variation of maintenance

What are the Relevant Statutory Provisions in Relation to Variation? During Marriage Section 72 and 73 of the Women’s Charter deals with variation of maintenance orders that have been awarded during the marriage and Section 118 of the Women’s Charter addresses variation of maintenance that was awarded during divorce proceedings. Section 72(1) of the Women’s…

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All you Need to Know about Custody, Care and Control, and Access to Children during a Divorce in Singapore

custody care and control access singapore

Introduction Custody, Care and Control, and Access to children form part of the ancillary matters to be decided after an interim judgment of divorce has been granted. During divorce proceedings, parties are required to submit a proposed parenting plan, which would detail what they each would want with regards to custody, access and care and…

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How to Adopt a Child in Singapore

Adoption Law in Singapore The law on adoption in Singapore is governed by the Adoption of Children Act (Cap 4). There are two ways in which a child may be adopted in Singapore. Firstly, a couple can adopt a child through relatives, friends or other parties. Secondly, they can apply to adopt a child that…

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How is Maintenance for a Wife and Children decided by the Court in Singapore?

maintenance wife children singapore

What exactly is Maintenance and Who can Apply for Maintenance in Singapore Maintenance is financial support that a child, wife or incapacitated husband can apply to the Courts in Singapore for once neglect or refusal to provide reasonable maintenance has been proved. This is provided for in Part VIII of the Women’s Charter. In divorce…

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How to Choose the Correct Divorce Lawyer in Singapore

how to choose singapore divorce lawyer

  Introduction It’s not compulsory to hire a divorce lawyer to handle your case in Singapore. However, if you choose to handle your own divorce, you should also know that self-applicants are held to the same standards as lawyers are, with regards to procedure and paperwork. As such, many divorcing couples usually find it more…

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How are Matrimonial Assets divided in Singapore during a Divorce?

division matrimonial assets singapore

  Introduction The division of matrimonial assets are one of the ancillary matters considered in a Singapore divorce. Essentially, ancillary matters comprise of the division of matrimonial assets (including the matrimonial property), care and custody of the children, as well as the providence of maintenance and legal costs. In an uncontested divorce, where the parties…

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Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements in Singapore

prenuptial agreement singapore

What are Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements? A nuptial agreement is simply an agreement between couples stating what will happen if the parties separate or divorce. This agreement can be entered either before the marriage or anytime during the marriage. A nuptial agreement entered before the marriage is known as a prenuptial (or ante-nuptial) agreement (commonly…

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Can I Still Get Divorced in Singapore if My Spouse is Uncontactable?

divorce uncontactable spouse singapore

  Introduction Unfortunately, even in our tiny red dot of a country, spouses or those we’re hoping will soon become our ex-spouses can vanish into thin air. Don’t scoff. While admittedly rare, this scenario happens often enough that you might want to know your options in the event you wish to file for divorce but…

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