Filing for Separation in Singapore

separation singapore

What exactly is Separation and How is it Different from Divorce? A legal separation in Singapore occurs when you do not wish to continue living with your spouse but are unable or have not made the final decision to get divorced. The main difference between separation and divorce is that divorce legally terminates the marriage.…

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Personal Protection Orders, Domestic Exclusion Orders, Mandatory Counselling Orders and Expedited Orders: How you can Protect yourself from Family Violence in Singapore

personal protection order singapore

  Introduction The Family Justice Court can grant four general orders under Part VII of the Women’s Charter. The purpose of such orders is to protect the members of a family from family violence. These four general orders are:- 1) Personal Protection Order (“PPO”); 2) Domestic Exclusion Order (“DEO”); 3) Mandatory Counselling Order (“CGO”); and…

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What is Mediation for Divorce and What are the Processes and Procedures for Mediation in Singapore?

divorce mediation singapore

Introduction to Mediation What exactly is Mediation for Divorce in Singapore? Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution in Singapore. Unlike what occurs during litigation, mediation is non-binding, and as opposed to a judge who precedes over the courtroom, mediation involves a neutral third party (judge-mediators or other volunteer mediators) who will assist the…

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Can you Bring Annulment Proceedings in Singapore?

annulment marriage singapore

  If you’ve been married for less than three years, it’s usually not possible to end your marriage through divorce, unless you’re able to prove certain exceptional circumstances. However, there is one other way to end your marriage if your marriage hasn’t hit the three year mark yet. It’s called annulment and you’ll have to…

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Can you get a Divorce in Singapore if the Length of your Marriage has been Less than 3 years?

  In Singapore, there is a time bar of three years for divorce. What that means is that a married couple cannot get divorced the first three years of their marriage. This is expressly stated in Section 94(1) of the Women’s Charter. In general, this time bar of three years is adhered to. However, in…

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How you can Have a Cheap Divorce in Singapore

cheap divorce singapore

  We all know that amicable break-ups are a pipe dream, no matter what movie stars might say in front of the cameras. When a marriage breaks down, the last thing you need is the additional heartache of a hefty lawyer’s bill. It’s already horrible enough to deal with all that acrimony. In a contested…

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What exactly is the Simplified Uncontested Divorce Track in Singapore?

Simplified divorce track singapore

  Since the beginning of 2015, the Simplified Uncontested Divorce Track was initiated to speed up and simplify the uncontested divorce process. Under Rule 83 of the Family Justice Rules 2014, the spouse initiating the divorce may apply for their divorce proceedings to be placed on a simplified uncontested hearing track if both parties to…

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How can you Officially get Divorced in Singapore?

official divorce singapore

  Regardless of whether you’re planning on having an uncontested divorce or a contested divorce in Singapore, you should know that there is only one true ground for divorce in Singapore, which is an irretrievable breakdown of marriage. This is stated specifically in Section 95(1) of the Women’s Charter.     You may be wondering…

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What is the Uncontested Divorce Process in Singapore?

Uncontested divorce process Singapore

  So you’ve settled with your soon-to-be ex-spouse that the divorce is going to be uncontested. Despite the unhappiness, both of you recognize the practical benefits of choosing to go for an uncontested divorce in Singapore. You’ve talked things through and come to some sort of agreement over the ancillary issues (i.e. child custody, care…

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Why You Should Choose An Uncontested Divorce in Singapore

choose uncontested divorce singapore

  So you’ve been fighting a lot. Hurtful things said. Colourful language used. Breakable things thrown. Not to mention all that unnecessary name-calling. Maybe you’ve tried working things out. Maybe you haven’t. All you know is that you want out. It’s been a long time coming and you want out. Now. How you managed to…

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