Uncontested Divorce

1.  Why You Should Choose An Uncontested Divorce in Singapore

2.  What is the Uncontested Divorce Process in Singapore?

3.  How can you Officially get Divorced in Singapore?

4. What exactly is the Simplified Uncontested Divorce Track in Singapore?

5. How you can Have a Cheap Divorce in Singapore

6. Can you get a Divorce in Singapore if the Length of your Marriage has been Less than 3 years?

7. Can you Bring Annulment Proceedings in Singapore?


Contested Divorce

1. What is Mediation for Divorce and What are the Processes and Procedures for Mediation in Singapore?

2. How are Matrimonial Assets divided in Singapore during a Divorce?

3. How is Maintenance for a Wife and Children decided by the Court in Singapore?

4. What is the Mandatory Parenting Programme and Is it really Compulsory if I wish to get Divorced in Singapore?

5. All You Need To Know About Discovery And Interrogatories During Divorce Proceedings In Singapore

6. What Happens If My Spouse Initiates Divorce Proceedings In Another Country After I Initiate Divorce Proceedings In Singapore?


Family Violence

1. Personal Protection Orders, Domestic Exclusion Orders, Mandatory Counselling Orders and Expedited Orders: How you can Protect yourself from Family Violence in Singapore


General Divorce

1. How to Choose the Correct Divorce Lawyer in Singapore

2. Can I Still Get Divorced in Singapore if My Spouse is Uncontactable?

3. Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements in Singapore

4. Filing for Separation in Singapore

5. All you Need to Know about Custody, Care and Control, and Access to Children during a Divorce in Singapore

6. Variation of Maintenance in Singapore  

7. The Legal Aid Regime for Divorce in Singapore

8. Should You Hire a Private Investigator to Investigate Your Spouse for Adultery in Singapore?

9. What is a Deed of Separation in Singapore and Do you need One?

10. Can I Still get Divorced In Singapore if my Spouse has Gone Missing?

11. Can you ask for Interim Custody, Care and Control even prior to a Divorce in Singapore?

12. Can I Make an Application for Custody, Care and Control of my Child in Singapore Even if I’m Not Married?

13. Expat Divorce: Divorce In Singapore For Foreigners


Muslim Divorce

1. All You Need to Know About Syariah Divorce in Singapore



1. How to Adopt a Child in Singapore